Today, we start to bring you freedom from your negative emotions for the rest of your life. Because the ego is rooted in negativity, survival and fear these are the emotions that will be leaving us soon.

That means that emotions such as happiness, joy and love will be your emotions for life going forward.

All areas except the cerebrum in the picture are for simplicity’s sake the r-complex, which means reptilian complex, an ancient part of our brain.  The r-complex is responsible for flight, fight or freeze in fearful situations and it is an automatic response.  We generally have no control over it.  If in the past we were chased by a wild animal then the r-complex would allow us to make instantaneous decisions which would save our lives.

Doing this releasing is not going to mean we lose that ability, we don’t, it stays.  But today we are surrounding by fearful news and that puts us into an almost continual state of stress, so the r-complex is almost always on high alert and that wears us down and makes us sick and tired all the time. It is this high alert that goes, and allows us to feel peace where once we felt fear and stress.  This has the added benefit of extending our lives and making our lives worthy of living again.

So, are you ready for the first step towards your emotional and physical freedom?

What you need to do is imagine all the central areas of the brain as a single unit, the size of your clenched fist. So that would be the colored areas except the cerebrum, the central part of the brain including the brain-stem and cerebellum.

Now imagine a vacuum cleaner hose, about an inch or two across. Take this hose and place the end of it almost against the front part of the r-complex. Where the ventricles are in fact. Now this hose is completely under your control and the head can move around the top, bottom, rear and sides of the r-complex. The other end of the tube goes out of your head and ends some distance away (decided by you).

Now, turn on the tube, hear the noise like a vacuum cleaner or similar as it turns on.  Make the suction strong.  Start to clear out the stagnant energy there. Watch in your mind’s eye as the energy comes from the r-complex into the tube and out of the other end.  The energy may have a color, black, white or some other color, just let it happen.

Do this vacuuming each day for as long as you can, for me it was about an hour a day whilst I was jogging. Others like to do it whilst laying down.

After doing this you should feel different, less emotional, more focused, centered and lighter.

In the next two installments I will show you where else to vacuum.  Good luck.