Two years six months ago I released my ego control and rid myself of any lasting fear that living in this world today generates.  The inner voice in my head completely went quiet and I only use it to ‘think’ these days and then shut it off again.  It’s completely under my control. I now live in peace and feel joy most of the time.  It took me three weeks for about an hour or so a day to get there. What a wonderful place to be.

Our ego’s are a survival mechanism that generate anxiety and fear more or less on a continual basis, it always wants more and it always looks ahead with trepidation.  For a happy peaceful life it needs to be bought under our conscious control or we will never be happy for long.

In the next few articles I’m going to show you how to do it. And it will not cost you a penny of your money.

It is a physical process as such, there are no psychological techniques, no delving in to the mind, no hypnotism.

What I am going to show you is what mediators and Buddhists spend years trying to find. It is the peace that Eckhart Tolle speaks about.

So what does it involve?  Well, it involves using your imagination to clear 3 areas of the brain of energy, and they do physically clear, you can feel it.  It is essentially stagnant or unconscious energy that has been there for years feeding those three areas.  And that energy is in the form of emotions or fears. You do not need it and your life will improve immeasurably once those areas are cleared.

Does that mean that those areas will stop working? No, they will work still but have no effect on you living in peace. You will have access to your higher self for the first time in your life and the lower functions will not be significant any longer.