We have never have stopped looking for fast ways to heal the body and mind.  So here is a very fast way.

If you have a part of the body external or internal then what you can do is imagine a small you going to that part of the body, wrapping your arms around it and giving it loads of love, approval and appreciation and whatever else you wish to give it.

For instance I jog and do get sore muscles, today it was my lower back.  So I imagined a small version of me and saw that mini me wrap it’s arms around my lower back and give it loads of love, appreciation and understanding. I did this until the pain went away completely which initially took about 10 minutes.  I am sure that it becomes quicker as there is a natural hesitance to get over first.

I also imagined later this morning that there were two full size mes and they wrapped their arms around me and gave me tons of love and approval.  It felt fantastic and I am sure that many complaints and even illnesses would be no more if we did this to ourselves all the time.

If you do not have a health problem use the two full size you’s to hug and love you and I’ll bet you feel fantastic in minutes. Our imaginations are the most powerful force in the universe.