How easy is it to become more confident? For most people this is a goal never reached. But read on…

We live in a chaotic world, for most people a fast world, a world that we do not fully understand, and that means we do not have a chance to become all that we can be nor become confident. We are going from pillar to post and this is confusing, and a confused person is not a confident person.

What is confidence?

It’s the ability to be at ease in a given situation, to be able to think clearly and respond with ease.

It’s the inner feeling or belief that you can rely on something or someone, such as relying on yourself.  When you have knowledge of a subject, psychology for example then you can speak confidently about that subject.

When faced with new situations, most people do not feel confident and they would like confidence to be able to feel comfortable. Because of their life experiences many people have naturally low confidence and find it difficult to interact other people or be comfortable in certain social situations.  This is the time that it get’s labelled from shyness to something like ‘Social Anxiety Disorder’.

Social Anxiety Disorder affects many more people it seems these days than ever before, or it could be a marketing ploy by big business to label shyness as a disorder and so make drugs available to the shy and make huge amounts of profit.  It could be.  Do the drugs work, well, from people that come to me and have used prescribed drugs, some do for a while, but it’s not satisfactory solution long term, they all eventually have side effects, or just effects that cause complications.

Whatever shyness or social anxiety disorder is, it does means there are many people who need some sort of help.

The sort of situations that people need a confidence boost in can be:

  • Talking to spouses
  • Sales
  • Presenting
  • Interviews
  • Meeting new people
  • Talking to groups of people
  • Dates

And so on, the list is long.

So now we know what confidence is and how shyness is a problem for a lot of people, how can we gain more confidence?

The Non-conscious Mind

Confidence comes from the non-conscious part of the mind so with any therapy that part of the mind needs to be addressed.  Any therapy needs to re-program the parts of the mind that block confidence (past traumas for example) and it needs to put into place a new set of feelings about being confident.

The conscious mind has been likened to a rider on top of an elephant (the elephant is the non-conscious part of the mind), it does a lot of controlling, but when the elephant wants to go somewhere the rider is literally just there for the ride, it has no control.

So what’s available to help?

The Therapies

There are a few ways to gain more confidence:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnosis audios
  • Subliminal audios
  • Affirmations
  • Tapping therapies

This is not an exhaustive list, there are more.

Affirmations are the weakest way in the above list, it’s the same as wishing you could be more confident, it will not work effectively.

Hypnotherapy does work and it is very effective when used properly, but it can take a while to work properly and it takes going to the hypnotherapist in order to do the work and it can be expensive.

Hypnosis audios do not work effectively long term, I have addressed that in past blogs. They work the first few times, but then we are second guessing what is being said on the recording or we become bored with what is being said and unlike a hypnotherapists office where the hypnotherapist can change it around to get good depth of trance, that will not happen with a hypnosis audio.

Subliminal audios work well, at least the ones I found that actually appear to have something on them, many that I took apart went down to the hiss, the noise-floor and there did not appear to be any words I could find.

Tapping therapies are cheap and excellent, once you learn the basics you can tap away until your hearts content and you could tap your way to confidence.  But it may take a good while to do so as you have to get through a lot of other non-conscious stuff before you get to tackling the confidence aspect. And that may be a good thing, as you end up with many other areas of your life being better as well.

But they are all relatively old technology so it was inevitable something newer and better comes along.