Most people would initially say never.  But is this true?  Are we never subjected to having our minds changed?

If we consider that mind control is really perception change, is really a different point of view, things may start to look a bit different.

Advertisers rely on their adverts changing our minds about their product.  Adverts are designed to bypass our conscious minds critical factor and go straight into the unconscious mind that accepts everything.  They produce their effect in a number of ways.  By repetition, by confusion, by diversion, by nostalgia, by patriotism, and by sounding reasonable among other things.  We are reasonable people in the main and if something on the face of it sounds reasonable it will bypass the critical factor and go straight into our unconscious and it becomes part of us.

Advertising also uses hypnotic language in the adverts.  The use of hypnotic words such as discover, means, because, as, and now are all designed to get your critical factor bypassed and the information straight in.  Politicians also use this type of language and others such as “change” and “consensus” are used a great deal these days.  There is no such thing as consensus in science and if you hear these words being used then pick up your ears and really analyze what is really being said.

All movies and TV shows have an agenda that is not immediately obvious.  The use of psychology and LP in these programs means whilst you are being entertained you are also being fed messages that bypass the critical factor. For example Cop shows whilst entertaining are giving the message that you cannot beat the system eventually.  There also is an alarming use of torture that whilst part of the show causes most of us to relax our morality on the use of torture, something that normally would be abhorrent to us.

I have also noticed the use of torture on children in some movies and shows.  A notable example was the use of torture on a child in the series 24, an example attempting to subvert our sense of morality and make the use of child torture somewhat acceptable. I have noticed it in movies in recent years as well, and it is on the increase.

The use of ‘experts’ is also used a lot on the news and programs.  If we believe that someone is speaking from a position of authority our critical factor is then normally bypassed (your doctor telling you something is another example), and the information goes straight in without questioning the truth of the information.  Beware experts wheeled out on television, they always have an agenda of sorts, and they are always placed there to bypass your critical factor.

Even agreeing with your friends on something without analysis is effectively mind control.  Agreeing with others on forums amounts to the same thing if not properly scrutinized.

All I can say about watching movies or television in general or agreeing with what some person is saying is do not accept anything at face value, question, question, question.