It may surprise you just how many lies we tell ourselves every day.  We habitually lie about a great many things.

Here is a great short video by Cortney Warren at a TEDx talk at UNLV.  She describes the lies we tell ourselves everyday so that we feel better.

Denial, rationalization, projection, cognitive distortions, emotional reasoning and much more come under scrutiny.

Cortney does mention psychotherapy as probably the only therapy for healing but we would disagree with that, there are other therapies that are probably better, rather than years of psychotherapy.

Mindfulness comes to mind as an alternative. Being in the present does stop many of the automatic processes we have and this easily allows us to change rapidly.

This site comes from the UK government and is very good at getting to the heart of mindfulness.

Mindfulness comes from Buddhism which Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn made Western friendly.

Here is the video: