I often hear people say what they do not want in life.  But focusing on what you do not want in life only gets you more of what you didn’t want in the first place.  If you keep telling yourself that you don’t like your job, then all you end up  with is a job you do not like.  Does that seem obvious?  Even though it seems obvious we all do it, and quite often. Does this sound like fun?

We have that inner voice in our head as well and that is part of the ego and it is always trying to survive, even when there is no real danger, just a perceived one.  That inner voice rarely lets up, when it does it is not for long.  It tells us to worry about tomorrow, or how bad our yesterdays were.  And it does it continuously, in an ever looping cycle.  Is it any wonder we end up having a wish list of what we don’t wants and not enjoying our lives?

So what could we do to get what we want and have more fun in life?

First of all, ask better questions, number one being, “What do I want?” instead of what we don’t want. And if the answer starts off as a resounding “nothing” or you cannot think of something straight away don’t give up, keep asking the same question and try phrasing it slightly differently. Try “What’s best  for me right  now?” or “What could I be doing right now?”.  These are questions designed to get your unconscious mind to go on an internal search to look for answers, and the unconscious mind will always find answers for you.  That’s why it is always best to phrase your questions in the positive, so you get better answers.

In a practical sense you can listen to music that feels good to you, go for a walk, change your environment, watch a really good movie, perhaps a comedy.  In other words, lift your mood.

Women love talking about their problems, just the act of talking about the problem really lifts their mood, so if you are a woman then get your husband, boyfriend, friend just to listen to you and not try to solve the problem unless you ask for a solution. Men like to find solutions, so if you are a man, sit down with your wife, girlfriend or friend and do a problem solving session.  These things really help and they help relationships as well.

Of course given enough time, most problems are no longer a problem anyway.  We have all had what we thought were serious problems but a month later we have forgotten about them even if we did nothing about them at the time.

As most problems are not really problems anyway why not listen to a Quantum Q-liminal and watch those problems fade away, never to return.