Getting sick is a serious business, and restoring health after being sick is a priority for many people. Unfortunately for most people that seems to be an unreachable target.  But is it really unreachable?  Can we restore health back to levels when we were young?

Poor health has many facets, there is the physical side, when our bodies become sick, things hurt and we are battling health issues, some quite serious. Then there is the mental side, we are run down, have no mental energy, tired all of the time, so doing anything can be a chore.

And of course, if one side is not well the other is invariably not feeling to good either.  For example, if we have diabetes or heart disease, then the mental side suffers as well, tiredness, no mental energy, anxiety, depression, the list is long.

Did you know that with any condition or disease there is a huge emotional element that comes with it and was alluded to above.  When we become sick we worry about it and this normally makes the illness worse in the long term.  As much as 90% of any illness can be the emotional element, so says Gary Craig of EFT fame.

In fact EFT, which a form of tapping your emotional anxiety away is very effective and many people have transformed their health just by tapping alone.  I have witnessed a ladies frozen shoulder becoming limber and normal again in minutes using EFT and this was after the lady with the frozen shoulder had been to multiple doctors for years in trying to heal it.

Learn the basics of EFT here with Gary Craig, it’s amazing and fast:


When we conquer the emotional side of any illness we are mostly on the way back if not totally back to having great health again. In fact our bodies may have healed over time but we are still feeling sick because we kept the emotional part of the illness going. I have seen that over and over as well. People are told to ‘own’ their illness, which does not make sense, it would be better perhaps to come to terms that you have a condition for the present but always work toward getting healthy again.

So what can be done to get well again? Feed the body the nutrients it needs and make sure your emotions are not making the illness worse or keeping you down when you should feel great.

But there is another element here.  What about using our non-conscious minds to completely heal ourselves and without any real effort? Is that possible?

Illness starts and ends in the mind for the most part.  There are exceptions of course but generally that is where it starts.  Sadhu’s (Holy men) in India can be given the strongest bacteria or even mind altering drug such as LSD and suffer no effects, whereas someone else like us would succumb to sickness given the same bacteria. This is documented.

The science of epigenetics with scientists in the field such as Dr Bruce Lipton tell us that the mind controls up to 98% of our DNA and that means our genes as well.  When we are happy or at peace our organs and brain release chemicals that correspond to that emotional state.  But when we are feeling low the body and brain release chemicals that correspond to that low feeling.  These chemicals are neurotransmitters, hormones, acids, alkali’s and enzymes, etc.  These in turn re-write areas of the brain and even re-write our DNA for either health or sickness.  That is how powerful our minds are, it controls our very DNA.

Dr Bruce Lipton:


The mind is infinitely powerful but that is never discussed in the mainstream media, simply because many people would be out of business if we learned to control our minds properly.

But is not the conscious mind that really is control, it is our non-consci