Sugar is the most addictive single substance on earth.  One teaspoon of it in infancy and you are hooked for life. If you mix sugar and caffeine though it becomes even more addictive and this is why so many people especially teenagers and children cannot stop drinking sodas.

Of course soda manufacturers know about this combination and intentionally have added it to so many sodas to create so many addicts for their products.  It is highly unethical and probably illegal.

But we have an ineffective regulatory system and government, whose only allegiance is to big business and the corporate world.

Sugar is added to almost every processed food to continue with our addiction and caffeine is added to many sodas to make a whole new type of addict.

The corporate world has intentionally done this, there is no excuse for them to do this.

Dr. Robert Lustig discusses the effects of sugar in the human body and it’s metabolism and how it destroys health on so many levels. Dr. Lustigs’ book of the same name was a massive success.

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