Quantum Q-liminals are multi-voiced multi-track audio’s using the human voice to re-pattern the brain for better ideas, thoughts and behavior both in the conscious and the non-conscious mind.

Most of us would like to change some aspects of our lives, the way we think about certain things, ourselves for example, or situations. And most of us would like to have a better quality of life, financially, or with our health for example.

Our audio’s use cutting edge science such as the relatively new science of epigenetics as the basis for change.

Epigenetics shows us that it is our thoughts and our emotions that produce massive change in us either for better or for worse. Our thoughts and emotions actually control our hormones, our cells, our health and even our DNA. Our DNA changes according to how we think.

We also use a healthy dose of what’s known these days as the law of attraction, but we prefer to call it the quantum field which is more technically accurate.

We have unlimited potential within and around us and again our thoughts determine what sort of life we end up with. In quantum theory nothing is impossible, in fact telekinesis, ESP, remote viewing and much more is not only probable but is ordinary in the quantum world.

We are inexorably linked to it, whether we like to or not.

The potential for us as a race or as individuals is astonishing. But the problem is for most people who would like to change. Change takes much effort and much time and it can be very hard to accomplish.

With Quantum Q-liminals that change happens without your conscious participation. Listen to the audio’s and your mind therefore your world changes for you, almost as if by magic. Quantum Q-liminals are 30 minutes long.

Yes they are, always that is our first priority. Always.

Your unconscious mind changes, that’s a fact, but the changes are always in line with you, who you are, and the changes are made by your unconscious mind accepting the information, i.e. changes cannot happen if your mind does not agree.

We also add safety commands and other information into each of our Quantum Q-liminal audios.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that personal development audios are all the same.

After all there are a load of sites you could go to and get free or cheap audios promising to change your life, and the way you feel about a particular issue, such as stress or confidence.

There’s a reason that they are free or cheap and it has nothing to do with benevolence.

There’s an adage in computer programming and it’s GIGO, and it means Garbage In Garbage Out and if you are hoping to change the very core of you, your unconscious mind, with most other audios then it’s a case of GIGO and very little if any change will happen.

To change quickly you need the very best and that is what we offer, the best research and development and the best results of any other products we know about today.

We cracked it

Finally, we've found the secret, we spent years in research and development, failing to get the right results, testing many modalities, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP and many more before we came across the perfect way to help people to change - it's unique and produces rapid results

Thriving Audios use a brand new and unique (no-one else even knows how to do this) technology to directly influence and change the unconscious mind

We use a system that is much more powerful and goes deeper and helps you make those needed changes easier than at any time before, ever.

There is nothing more powerful and life changing than Quantum audios today on the market that we are aware of and with our constant research into making them more powerful that is not going to change soon.

Quantum Rapid injections are similar to the Quantum Q-liminals in their use of multi-voices and multi-tracks but are compressed to just 10 minutes using a proprietary algorithm.

The Quantum Rapid Injections use the first person terms ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘Mine’ etc. because the rapid injection also uses algorithms to compress and speed up the voices so that they are not consciously intelligible.

By doing this, the conscious mind’s gatekeeper, called the critical factor is bypassed completely. 30 minutes of audio is compressed to just 10 minutes.

So can the non-conscious mind hear what is being said?

The non-conscious mind can process at least 11 million bits of information at any one time.

And with the extensive research we have carried out, yes, the non-conscious mind does in fact hear every word and phrase used, of which there are approximately 4,000 per 10 minute audio.

What does this mean? Quite simply, you change in a much shorter time with zero effort.

These are 5 minute audio’s that came out of our intensive research on the Quantum Rapid Injections. They are a much simpler audio in terms of psycho-acoustics and numbers of tracks. When you are up against the clock, and let’s face it, most of us are these days, this audio is perfect at just 5-7 minutes long.

Will it have the same effect as the Quantum Rapid Injection?

This audio has a reduced number of phrases, around the 900 mark in that 5 minutes, so don’t make the mistake in thinking these are not powerful, they definitely are, but they are not as intensive as when compared to Quantum Q-liminals or Quantum Rapid Injections. When you want a boost in the morning these are ideal. These are a stepping stone, a light version of the other audio’s if you like, but they are also very powerful in their own right. Change will happen, it’s inevitable.