It’s a habit I started about a year ago after reading Rhonda Byrnes The Magic.  It is a way for me to really get every moment of enjoyment out of life. It’s a way of being grateful for the things that for years I took for granted.

So every morning shortly after awakening I write 10 reasons that I am thankful for.  It can be things like, being alive on this wonderful day (after all another day above ground is wonderful), or having eyes to see this beautiful planet with, or seeing the wonderful birds in the sky.  Everything and anything in fact in the last year I am sure I have used as a reason to be thankful for.

What I have noticed in the year of being thankful is that small things now really please me, and almost anything can get me to a state of real happiness.  And synchronicity happens a lot now, I can be thinking of something and it shows up. For instance I wanted to look into Cognitive Hypnosis, a relatively new branch of this field and the book, Wordweaving by Trevor Silvester popped onto my lap from a friend.  Amazing.

I find being grateful for everything to be a very effective way of using the Law of Attraction and because I am constantly in a feeling of gratefulness everything feels wonderful and I’m not waiting for the big things to happen, great things are happening all the time.

Cultivate gratefulness for your life and apply it to even the most mundane things in your life and pretty soon your life will turn a corner and everything will feel wonderful.  It takes 21 days to get a habit, so start today.