What Is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is a relatively young science discovered by Dr Bruce Lipton about 20 + years ago.

Epigenetics means above genetics (epi means above), and although we are taught at an early age that our genes are fixed for life that is not true.

It has been discovered that we are always switching our genes on and off based on how we are feeling.

Genes by the way are nothing more than tightly packed DNA.

If we are feeling happy and great then our brains sends out chemical messengers via neurotransmitters and other chemicals to flood our bodies with hormones, enzymes and other bodily chemicals that match that mood. These in turn go into the genes and switch off and switch on part of the genes, or DNA, that reflect that happiness.

We literally become wired for happiness.

And of course, when we are feeling lousy the opposite happens and we become wired for feeling bad.

Dr Lipton has found that 98% of our DNA is under our minds control, we can literally wire ourselves for happiness, success, failure, anger, or joy and it’s all under your minds control.

So which do you want to be?

I ask because if you watch any of the mainstream media, TV shows or even movies, 99% of the time it’s all going to make you feel bad.

And if you feel bad or frightened or full of anger then your DNA becomes wired for that and getting back to feeling normal becomes harder.

When you reinforce negative feelings for years then you have been wiring your DNA that way for years. Your life is not going to feel good.

And if you had a traumatic early life, before the age of 6, then feeling anything but bad is going to be a very uphill struggle, because our non-conscious mind has largely finished forming by that age and what has gone in before that age sticks around, and you can feel bad your whole life.

The answer is to reprogram your mind for the positive things you want, such as success and happiness, and this allows the old limiting beliefs to be swept away.

As of now, Quantum Q-liminals is the only system to be able to clear out the old and install new empowering beliefs as quickly and as rapidly as is currently possible.

Here is a short video by Dr Bruce Lipton explaining about epigenetics: