But you may ask how can your words or the words of others change your life or have an effect on your physical body? Can you alter your DNA with thoughts? Can we change our DNA?

There is a new science discovered by Dr. Bruce Lipton called Epigenetics. It was discovered about 20+ years ago so in science terms it is brand new.

Epigenetics proves that your thoughts, words and beliefs cause physical reactions in your body that release hormones and other chemicals that cause changes and even rewrite your DNA.

All Sweaty Talking in Front of People

Have you ever had to get up and speak in front of a group of people? What sensations did you experience? Butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, heart palpitations, over-heated body and sweating?

That proves that our thoughts (fear and worry) cause a physical reaction (chemicals are getting released in the body) when under stress. The released chemicals directly change the DNA, that’s epigenetics.

Sharon Stone and the Power of Epigenetics

For example, in 1995, a news report aired showing the then popular actress Sharon Stone as announcing that she is breast cancer  survivor and that drinking coffee gave her breast cancer.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I was a very frequent coffee drinker.

This shocking announcement caused me to think that if she got cancer from drinking coffee then it was something that DOES cause cancer and it will probably give me cancer as well since I was a daily coffee drinker.

If you develop a fear of something, for instance coffee, even though it may not be true as in the case of Sharon Stone, epigenetics comes into play and the fear alone (bodies chemicals released) changes DNA.

There are many articles from the 1995 announcement much like the one below.

Snippet from Gawker.com:

Fake-Cancer Survivor Sharon Stone Still Paying Price For Controversial ‘Karma Tectonics’ Theory

While Stone’s reputation seems tarnished beyond repair, we’d like to point out that this is hardly the first controversial statement to tumble from her exquisitely lunatic mind, and yet she always manages to find a way to bounce back into the public’s good graces. We’re reminded by Washingtonian.com, for example, of the time in 1995 when she announced to a breast cancer foundation luncheon: “Four years ago I was told I had cancer, lymph cancer. . . . I had a lump in every lymph area of my body… Very, very fortunately for me, with a lot of positive thinking and a lot of holistic healing—I say that in a very personal sense because I know that that’s a personal approach—I ended up testing negative for lymph cancer, but it took several months, and those months changed my life. And one of the changes during that time is that I stopped drinking coffee, and when I stopped drinking coffee, ten days later I had no tumors in any of my lymph glands.” Somehow, boosted by the healing power of coffee grounds and karmic revenge, we think she’ll muddle through this bump-in-the-road, too.


Within a couple of years after that announcement by Sharon Stone in 1995, the breast cancer rate increased to 12 more people per 100,000, (cancer caused by our fear always takes time to be noticed, sometimes it’s 6 months after a trauma, such a loss of a loved one or it can take years as that thought eats away at you causing internal stress and then the disease) which is an incredible and almost unheard of increase. (see chart below).

Women who were coffee drinkers unconsciously believed that they would likely get cancer.

In hypnosis there is what is called a “thinker and a prover” what the thinker thinks, the prover proves.

If the thinker, being women who were watching Sharon Stone’s commercial and were drinking more than a couple of cups of coffee per day, stood a high risk of getting cancer based on the fact that Sharon got it from drinking coffee.


1995 Breast cancer incidence and mortality white females vs black females 11-30-11

The Power of the Mind & Epigenetics

This also referred to as power of suggestion. Much like when you tell someone they don’t look  pale and sick and suddenly they may feel ill and need to go for a lie down.

I have also tested this in my clinical work with my own clients and have seen clients go from happy and smiles to feeling symptoms of cold and flu, even though there was nothing at all wrong with them.

When I called the client the next day to see how they were feeling (as I normally do with each client anyway), they usually forgot about it in a couple of hours and felt fine again.

We have heard it said by Napoleon Hill, that “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive And Believe It Can Achieve” and that is what is taking place in our minds.

We may conceive that we are feeling bad, we think back to possibly something we had eaten during the day and immediately we achieve nausea and even feel a funny tummy coming on without even realizing how it all started! 

We can even equate it to our childhood school days of not wanting to go to school.

We literally talked ourselves into some little health problem to get to stay home.  So as we can see with these examples, we can do it consciously or unconsciously when we want to achieve something.

I have my own personal interest in this information as I have my own experiences with this sort of thing.

I happened to see the news clips of that Sharon Stone luncheon and I also happened to be a big coffee drinker.

By 1996 I had a diagnosis of abnormal cell growth or liver cancer.

Although I cant say for sure that this was the cause, I know that being a coffee drinker, I always had that fear in the back of my mind of some form of cancer, and VOILÀ! It had happened to me via power of suggestion.

The power of epigenetics, I had thought myself into illness.

The Non-conscious Mind is the Key to Epigenetics

The non-conscious part of t