Most of us have lots of internal chatter, that inner voice that incessantly gives us a dialogue.  It never stops for most people and to be honest, it’s tiring to constantly listen to and a nuisance much of the time.

But what is it?

It’s the voice of our ego.

What is our ego?

It’s a survival mechanism according to psychology, it’s designed to keep us safe and it is constantly on the lookout for danger. It’s also a mask that we wear stopping out true personality shining through.

And there lies the problem, this mask, the ego sees the world and everything in it as a potential danger, something to be feared or protected against. It sees the world through rose tinted glasses and so what it sees most of the time is not reality, it is it’s version of reality and it stops us from freeing our minds.

The ego is not natural to us, it is an addition from a long time ago in humanities past when out witting the local tiger ensured we would live for another day.  It is like a second mind, the trouble is that second mind has come to be in control of our thinking processes.

The ego colors our beliefs, it ensures that our beliefs are in-line with what the ego wants, survival.  Those beliefs in turn ensure we are always one step away from fight or flight. Have you ever seen someone go from happiness to rage in seconds? That’s the ego at work.

These days the ego is not required, we can see the occasional danger when required without constantly being on the lookout for it.

When releasing it is important to minimize the effects of the ego, and to cease the internal voice, the monkey mind as the Buddhists call it.

Lot’s of people are confused about these two aspects, the minimizing the ego and stopping the ego’s voice internally.  Many people think they will lose their uniqueness, they won’t, they will still be their normal selves except they will feel freer than they ever have before.

When your internal voice stops, you are in control, you can tell it when to start talking and then it will naturally quiet down when finished, your head becomes quiet and for once you have time to think.  I can attest to this.  My voice went quiet some years ago, and it has allowed me to explore the outer reaches of human psychological potential with ease.

The ego is another matter, you will never lose it entirely, it always wants to try to get in the way somehow via feelings but it is pretty easy to control when you release and let go.

So what do you have to do to let go of the ego and quieten the voice inside your head?

The simplest thing to let go of is our beliefs, because beliefs are limitations, they have a mental structure and those mental structures possess limits and those limits are mental walls stopping us seeing further and when we see further, to infinity then our minds are as big as the universe and beyond even that because our minds have limitless potential.  Our minds are the only things in this universe that do have limitless potential, we can see further that the greatest telescope inside our minds.

But we constantly cage our minds, we put them in a box, we make rules based on our beliefs, we have beliefs about the past and rules about the future, and this causes great anxiety, and the funny thing is, it’s all of our own making.

Does it have to be this way?

No, is the short answer, it does not, we can tame the ego, stop the voice in our heads at our pleasure and free our minds and ourselves.

First you need to understand something about beliefs. We came by most of our beliefs when young, via parents, carers, news, friends, brothers and sisters, movies, television, radio, teachers, etc.  The list is long.  The beliefs we have now may have changed somewhat from when we were younger but not that much normally.

Those beliefs ensured we would navigate successfully in our social world, we adopted those beliefs that ensured our survival, from people we look up to or from groups that we wished to belong to, a political party for example. And as much as those beliefs ensured the ego’s survival the