Eckhart Tolle author (The Power of Now, A New Earth) and spiritual teacher is one our favorites here at Thriving Audios.

He always has lot’s of great advice about how to navigate life in a calm and successful way. He is a master on spiritual enlightenment.

Here is the transcript for a technique of how to put yourself back into this moment when you find yourself thinking of the past or worrying about the future, it’s simple and easy to do:

One Conscious Breath

“Another simple way of course is a conscious breath brings you into presence.

Conscious breath means now, a very quick way of taking attention away from thinking.

Conscious means you feel the breath moving in and moving out.

One conscious breath brings you into presence and then you might even want to take a second conscious breath because it feels so good.

Not to be stuck in your head and your mind anymore.

And what does it mean it feels so good; you’re getting in touch perhaps just a little bit at first who is the source of all satisfaction in your life.

As I mentioned before I have read letters from people in prison who discovered this secret they were in prison they are in prison and discovered the source of true satisfaction which is presence and suddenly they go ah, ah, they are free,