In this video Eckhart Tolle, the author of The Power of Now talks about suffering, how our suffering is bought about by us because we refuse to accept the situation we’re in.

In many teachings, the concept of surrendering to your current circumstances is very important, because resisting where you are now produces a cascade of body, mind and even DNA changes that cause personal suffering.

As Eckhart teaches, we normally need to be bought low, so low that we either wither and die or we accept where we are now.

It’s the power of now that is important. It’s the being mindful of this moment.

That’s where you find inner peace.

Now, not the past which carries emotional baggage with it, not the future which always has an element of anxiousness with it. The power of now is all you need.

That does not mean we cannot make plans for the future, in fact, making plans becomes easier when where you are now is accepted.

Acceptance brings inner peace and the question is asked what the world would look like if we all lived in the now, Eckhart does not know, but he does know that the world would look very different as what we produce is a reflection of our inner selves. He says it would probably be much more harmonious and simple, and of course peaceful.

Eckhart says that the essence of acceptance is to make the present moment your friend and not your enemy. You end up with peace of mind.

Ask, am I friendly towards the present moment or am I hostile towards it?

As your relationship towards the present moment changes from one of yes instead of no, life becomes easier instead of one of hurdles.

You don’t lose your motivation either, in fact because you are on solid ground with the state of yes and acceptance, motivation becomes easier than ever.

In fact I can attest to that. Things seem to flow easier and you have clarity, more clarity than ever before.