Cognitive dissonance is the ability to carry around two opposing points of view.

For instance we may barely notice the death of a national of another country, say an Afghani or Iraqi dying, but feel a death in the U.S. very strongly. We may not notice a child being abused or kidnapped in another part of the world when shown on the news but feel it very deep if it happens in our own country.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, and we all seem to have it in varying degrees.  It also is not natural to the core humanity of us, it is something that has been implanted in us by constant divide and rule in media, television and news.

The media constantly bombards us with differences. Black vs white, rich vs poor, intelligent vs stupid, fat vs thin, the list goes on and on.

It’s how the elite keep in control, a good example is democrat vs republican, they have the same goals and are ruled by the same people, the bankers, the very rich, but we are made to believe that they somehow oppose one another. A simple question to ask there is when a new government gets into power just how many laws did they repeal from the previous government?  The answer is usually zero.

These will have effects upon us, most of them negative, unless you know the game that is being played upon each and every one of us constantly.