In my youth I started as a sales rep, it was high pressured, always meeting deadlines and targets.

Looking at the evidence of those salesmen around me I found the best salesman was the one who had a salesman’s attitude. I decided that I wanted this attitude as well. So I bought books on the best methods of selling and invested heavily in subliminal tapes and CD’s to get myself to that level.

I must have spent thousands eventually on subliminal CD’s, tapes and videos to try to get there. I would go to bed each night listening to these subliminals, but all I could hear was the sound of the ocean, bird singing and babbling brooks, it was very relaxing indeed. I did become a very good sales rep but it was not because of the subliminal tapes, they all spectacularly failed to do what they said was guaranteed.

Years later I found out the reason, the real words used were at such a low level that they became buried in the noise floor of the medium (tape noise, etc) or the sound track itself. In other words my mind, conscious or unconscious could not hear the words being said, and many of the audios did not actually contain any audible words at all. A complete waste of money but a valuable lesson learned.

So I embarked on research. I researched the brain, psychology, took many courses on hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). NLP and hypnotherapy especially were very good often showing change in minutes. Words change people’s minds everyday, otherwise politicians and sales rep would be out of business tomorrow.

After the many years of research we found the best way to get the information into the unconscious is via a simple technique, the confusion technique. Give the conscious mind so much information in one go that most will not be heard consciously and it goes straight into the accepting unconscious mind and is used by you to change your life. Add to this an alpha state (which allows the conscious mind to relax and become quite accepting and less critical, TV puts you in an alpha state) and your behavior changes immediately. Your mind becomes reprogrammed for success immediately and the years of emotional baggage fall away.

We have used this technique with the Quantum Q-liminals, creating multi-tracks utilizing confusion techniques so that it passes the critical factors in your brain and goes straight into the unconscious to become part of you.

quantum Q-liminals are the most powerful way to change you permanently and enable you to get to your goals and dreams very quickly. And they do it effortlessly.