By Lorie McCloud

 I’m somebody whose desire it is to evolve consciously, to raise my vibration high enough to change the circumstances of my life. There are people like me everywhere, in every country in the world and in every walk of life. There have been many healing modalities developed and even channeled to help us evolve as the Age of Aquarius dawns. I consider this a good thing since in my opinion, one size does not fit all when it comes to healing and evolution. Our needs vary tremendously and it can take a long time to sort through everything and find what works best for you.

Not so long ago, I fell headlong into a wonderful group of people who were practicing what they called: “Consciousness Transformation Tapping”. I was led there by my curiosity and my desire to change. I found out right away that it’s elegantly simple, very effective and it goes deep: 3 of my highest criteria. After only a couple of sessions with George Duisman, the founder and developer of this technique I knew it was taking me somewhere I definitely wanted to go.

I found out right away that it’s elegantly simple, very effective and it goes deep: 3 of my highest criteria.

Consciousness Transformation Tapping (CTT) has elements of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in it but it’s simpler. It has an element of EMDR “Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming) in it but it doesn’t use the eyes to get the benefit of bilateral movement. People use it to reduce fear anxiety and stress and also to change outcomes around challenging areas of their lives such as court decisions workplace situations, relationships health issues and finances. Large and small miracles often result from just 1 or 2 rounds of tapping.

And then there is the hidden treasure of CTT: something so powerful that it can alter your inner landscape and shift the energies holding in place the patterns that keep you stuck. If you should want to go deep inside to heal the wounds, sooth the sorrows, forgive and understand the failures, discharge the anger and perceive it all from a completely elevated and self empowering perspective, CTT has the tools for doing exactly that.

A typical session lasts for around half an hour. The client is guided to relax and open up to their God-mind so that they will receive the information they need. Very often a past-life scenario will come into the client’s awareness and as it unfolds it will evoke painful or difficult emotions. My experience of this is like a blister popping. It hurts, but the relief feels so good that I don’t mind. Then we tap on those emotions and the energy charge drains away leaving me limp with relief and sometimes euphoric. There are times when the charge goes down but doesn’t altogether go away so we have to do several more rounds of tapping. By the time we’re finished I have often had what I call an inner earthquake where things in my psyche have shifted around or have been completely removed. I usually have to adjust for a couple of days while my inner tuner tunes to a new frequency.

With so many of the blocks cleared away, people become more psychic and more intuitive

3 people in our group have had a huge opening up of their awareness after 10 to 30 of these sessions. What they try to express is very similar to what near-death experiencers struggle to put into words. They’re surrounded and supported by a love so vast and so intense that there are no words for it. After this happens they are able to return to that experience whenever they choose. With so many of the blocks cleared away, people become more psychic and more intuitive. Their lives are elevated to a higher plane.

And we are just getting started. We have only scratched the surface of the potential that CTT holds for anybody who wishes to embark on this magical journey with us.