Most of us have common emotional states that we go into. Most of these emotional states are negative for most of us. These states prevent us from moving forward in our lives because we end up stuck in these states.

It would be great if instead of constantly moving into negative states we commonly moved into positive emotional states, those of happiness, peace, love and joy and this would mean our lives would be immeasurably enriched. We would then have happy productive lives.

Emotional states are a habit, at some point in life we used these states because they were the most suitable for the circumstances at the time.  We may have been upset about something or that was a way of controlling our inner selves.  There were many reasons that we went into those states.  But like anything over time, as we progress through life these states become the typical pattern and we end up stuck with them.

These emotional states also form patterns in our non-conscious mind, genes and change our DNA to match via epigenetics, and this means those emotions become a part of ‘us’, they go very deep. So although we want to change it can be very difficult to do it consciously. We end up with these deep feelings of whatever emotional states we use and these are persistent and all-pervading.

Some people never get out of these emotional states throughout their entire lives and so end up dissatisfied and many have feelings of having wasted their lives which makes them feel worse, so the cycle of dissatisfaction goes on.

There are lots of therapies out there designed to realign you so that you can go on with your life in a positive way that suits you.  Hypnotherapy is good, NLP is also very good, talking therapy sometimes works (although mainly it does not produce lasting change).

They do have a drawback or two though.  They take money, sometimes lots of it but most importantly they take effort. Time is something none of us ever have enough of in our lives. Quantum Q-liminals and Quantum Rapid Injections, are designed to work and are designed to work very quickly, in fact the changes that have happened are normally dramatic and fast. They are designed to bypass your conscious minds critical factor and go straight into the non-conscious mind and make rapid and lasting changes there and this all happens without you having to do a thing apart from listen.  The reversed Rapid Injections which are all part of the package are designed to go the deepest, to those areas that were just awakening from birth to about the age of 2.

The audio packages each contain 4 audios using technology designed to change you without effort in the shortest possible time is here: Quantum Q-liminal Audio Packages