Focus and fail fast. Focus and fail fast. Learn quickly and try something new.

The faster you fail and learn, the faster you succeed.

You actually learn to succeed by failing.

If you want to increase your rate of success you must double your rate of failure.

Because success lies on the far side of failure.

In the concept the question is what is the most valuable and highest paid work you do? And the answer is thinking. Thinking is the most valuable work.

Something is important if it has big potential consequences.

And something that is unimportant if it has low or no consequences.

The number one reason for success is that people focus on things that are of high potential consequences.

The number one reason for failure is that people focus on things that have low or no potential consequences.

If thinking is the most important thing you do because of the consequences determine the entire quality of your life, then the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.

And so the more time you spend thinking well and thinking clearly, the more successful you are.

Is it when your mind is calm, your entire cerebellum, the thinking and deciding brain functions at its highest level like turning up all the lights on a dimmer switch.

Its functioning like a Christmas tree.

But when you get upset and angry what happens is that your thinking reverts to your limbic or emotional system, and your ability to think clearly diminishes dramatically and you make a lot of mistakes.

That’s why when you are facing a difficult situation, you have to use every skill, trick, game, or whatever it is to stay calm.

There are 2 types of thinking.

There is fast thinking and slow thinking. Fast thinking is intuitive, instinctive automatic and its reactionary.

I think of how you would drive through busy traffic,not giving a lot of thought, just reacting.

The other type of thinking is slow thinking. And slow thinking is where you just slow down the thinking and take time to think through an issue.

Now if an issue has little or no consequences, then you can think quickly, what did you have for lunch, what you pick up on your plate from the buffet, where do you park your car.

The consequences of these decisions are almost non-existent.

But if its a major issue then you have to say wait a minute this requires slow thinking.

The biggest problem that people have is where they should use slow thinking, they use fast thinking.

And entrepreneurs are extremely guilty of that.

Because we make important decisions that have long potential consequences including affecting the lives of people and costing money and even leading to the bankruptcy of a business.

We make those decisions with fast thinking when we should be making them with slow thinking.

When it’s not necessary to decide it is necessary not to decide.

Buy as much time as you can for a decision. Put it off.

If you can put it off for a day or weekend, a week, a month, put it off.

Some of the best decisions that you make will be decisions that you allow to steep for a while like water and tea.

So thinking is the most important thing you do.

We call it thinking fast and slow.

So remember anything that is important that has long-term consequences is a candidate for slow thinking.

Discussing it with other people. Sitting quietly. Going for a walk. Letting it ruminate in your mind. Sleeping on it.

You know they say if it’s a big deal then sleep on it, you need to have the courage to look at every part of your life and say “Is there anything that I’m doing that knowing what I know that I wouldn’t get into?”

It’s said that the number one rule for success in business and in your personal life is to cut your losses when you realize you’ve made a mistake, bad investment, bad hire, bad relationship,  cut your losses quickly and let your winnings ride.

So in life that’s what we do. And the faster you cut your losses “fail fast” the faster you can start doing things that are more productive.

And everything that you are doing always ask yourself “What is the worst possible outcome of this course of action and can I survive it if it were to occur, and if not what can I do to make sure that it doesn’t happen?”

One of the number one reasons that we worry about anything in life is because of fear.

And when you ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen in this particular situation, and then you can say all right if that happens, then I will live with it.

Then your worry goes away and your mind goes clear and calm.

And now you are saying “What can I do to make sure the worst does not happen?”

And then you become proactive and you take charge of your life.

Between you and anything that you want to do there is always a constraint, a limiting factor or a choke point that sets the speed at which you carry out your goal.

Here is the point, is that the way that you solve your problem is simply to think about solutions.

What are all the possible solutions? Be intensely solution oriented. Don’t allow yourself to bogged down, negative, upset about the problem and who did it, focus on the solution and the actions that you can take.

And when you think about the solutions, remember Helen Keller’s wonderful line “When you turn towards the sunshine the shadows fall behind you”.

And when you are thinking about the solutions you can say “I can do this and I can do that”.

When you start thinking about solutions your mind goes calm your creativity turns on like lights, you have more energy,you become more confident.

Thinking about problems makes you negative and shuts down your brain.

Thinking about who is to blame is even worse. But thinking about what you can do and the actions you can take puts you back in charge.

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