Focus and fail fast. Focus and fail fast. Learn quickly and try something new.

The faster you fail and learn, the faster you succeed.

You actually learn to succeed by failing.

If you want to increase your rate of success you must double your rate of failure.

Because success lies on the far side of failure.

In the concept the question is what is the most valuable and highest paid work you do? And the answer is thinking. Thinking is the most valuable work.

Something is important if it has big potential consequences.

And something that is unimportant if it has low or no consequences.

The number one reason for success is that people focus on things that are of high potential consequences.

The number one reason for failure is that people focus on things that have low or no potential consequences.

If thinking is the most important thing you do because of the consequences determine the entire quality of your life, then the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.

And so the more time you spend thinking well and thinking clearly, the more successful you are.

Is it when your mind is calm, your entire cerebellum, the thinking and deciding brain functions at its highest level like turning up all the lights on a dimmer switch.

Its functioning like a Christmas tree.

But when you get upset and angry what happens is that your thinking reverts to your