Debbie Nicholson talking about healing yourself rather than going to the medical establishment.

Blog as read by Debbie Nicholson

Being able to heal yourself is a wonderful thing. There are many varieties of ways in which we can achieve this to help make this world a better place for us on a personal level.

In this day and age when everywhere you look there are drugs being forced down your throat by “Healing Professionals” who insist this will make you feel better knowing full well that there may be side effects that could result in a further visit thus boosting the coffers of their medical centre.

When the son of a friend of mine was young, he was forced at school to take the flu shot as were all students that day. From this day onward he suffered asthma attacks — he’d never had them before. Where had they come from? Incidentally, I kept my son home that day. Today I visited the hospital for a followup visit for my Kidney stone problem I experienced a couple of weeks ago. And all the staff were wearing these little badges to indicate that they had all just undergone their flu shots. I asked the Xray Lab Assistant whether they were all forced to have the shot. She was astounded that I would ask when EVERYONE KNOWS that it is the best thing to do to avoid getting sick over winter!!!

I for one, am not convinced. And neither are many of the friends with whom I hang out. The side effects are too strong now and getting stronger.

On Friday I had to attend an Ophthalmologist about a problem I have had with my eyes since October. Over the past 5 months my GP treated my eye problem with 5 different, stronger antibiotics as each one did not appear to work. The Ophthalmologist said there was not any antibiotic on the earth that would heal my problem. Tea Tree Oil was what I needed. Needless to say my teeth have been affected by the antibiotics, in that the side effect has been the discolouration of my teeth.