Debbie Nicholson with her great vlog regarding the Quantum Q-liminals Be Thin – Great Body Image:

I often look in the mirror and think “how I wish I had that svelte body again; how I wish I was that certain weight again; how I wish I was more in control of the bad eating habits I have developed through all of my years on this earth…..”and the list of wishes goes on.
It can’t just be me — there must be more of you out there who think just like me.
Affirmations are not working – try as I have for many, many years. The self-talk gets distracted easily. And the result is that my non-conscious continues to rule me and I am sure that I can hear it laughing at me as I continue through life with the wishes!!!
Now there is a way that’s available that will truly alter your eating patterns and consequently the way you look in the mirror when you are naked. By using this Be Thin audio program you will very quickly convert yourself and your desires to regain that great body image, drastically alter your desire for body-shape destroying food, and very quickly achieve the weight loss you have desired for many moons.
Have you heard how your environment and the choices you make can influence your genetic code and that of your children? This is called the science of epigenetics. These audios change you from tip to toe in the beliefs you have hidden deep within regarding what you put into your mouth to nourish your body. A rapid change is not out of the question and very soon the body image reflected back at you from the mirror will be exactly what you wish to have. Even those little areas that at present attract your vehement criticism will no longer be obvious.
I started listening to the Q lims few months ago (In 60 days I lost almost 40 lbs) From Dr Liliana, Italy — 19 Jan 2014
gone is the self-loathing about my body….I look different…I like what I see… from Jane, London 1 Sept 2013
What do you get for $19.95?
All audios are high quality mp3 and m4a (Apple) 320Kbps
• 1 x Q-liminal — 30 minutes, 4 voice tracks for maximum impact
• 1 x Rapid Injection — 30 minutes compressed to 10 minutes, 4 voice tracks
• 1 x 5 Minute Brain Boost -30 minutes compressed to 5 minutes, 1 voice track
• 1 x Rapid Injection Reversed — 30 minutes compressed to 10 minutes and reversed