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Quantum Weight Loss Cleanse and Lean Up

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Are You Tired of People Asking if You Are Pregnant or When's The Baby Due? Stop Kicking Yourself! Lose Weight The Easy Way What's on your mind most after a few weeks of being on a diet? Food of course, [...]

Mind Tricks To Get What You Want

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Here are 7 mind tricks you can use to get your own way. The techniques are manipulative so use them with discretion. Mirroring - follow along with someones body language and they will soon feel like they've known you for [...]

Eckhart Tolle: Why Complain?

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In this video Eckhart Tolle, author of the books 'The Power of Now' and 'A New Earth' shows us why it is in most cases pointless to complain about other people. The first example he uses is a letter he [...]

7 Ways To Get Exactly What You Want

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This is a good short video showing you 7 ways to get what you want. I'll list the 7 ways although the video does go into more detail: Give compliments. Repeat things back - it shows you are listening. [...]

Sales: Why Most People Fail At It

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And why most people feel as if they have failed at life. Being excellent at sales is no easy thing, it can take years of improving the process and improving yourself, but is there a shortcut? Today we'll find out. [...]

Toxicity Works Both Ways

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...Or How To Detox Successfully! Your mind is valuable, the most valuable thing you own, with it you can make yourself rich, happy, at peace, loved and loving and kind to strangers or you can use it to make yourself [...]

Play The Blame Game At Your Own Risk

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In these two short and funny videos Dr Brené Brown talks about blame and how many of us play the blame game and empathy vs sympathy. If we easily blame others instead of holding things we do accountable, then quite [...]

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