We often ask ourselves limiting questions, and we end up with limited outcomes because of that. An example of that would be if you were going for a job interview and you ask yourself about the things that can go wrong.  Guess what, they probably will.  You have formed a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you are going on a date and you ask yourself what can go wrong, then, probably it is not going to be a pleasant date for either of you.

Many of our illnesses of today are self-fulfilling prophecies. We ask if we are going to get flu’ if someone sneezes near to us or on a bus and the next day we show the symptoms of ‘flu’. It’s not the flu, it’s the body fulfilling the answer to the question you asked inside your mind yesterday. But it feels like it is the flu’.

Your mind is very powerful and most of us are just not aware of how powerful they actually are. Firewalking is one way to prove to us just how powerful our minds are.  We can put the thought into our heads that we will be fine walking across hot coals and as long as we keep that thought in our heads it works.  But if we ask ourselves if we are going to get burned, the mind and body will give that answer too.

So what can we do? How can we immeasurably improve the quality of our lives?

We can ask better questions.  Instead of asking the mind what can go wrong you can ask what is good about this situation, what can go right here.

In NLP there is a saying, and its: “There are no failures, only feedback”.  When you think about this saying, it starts your mind thinking on a new level, a level of possibilities instead of limitation.

Start asking better questions and your mind will give you better results, self sabotage will stop and you life will improve beyond your current circumstances.

Ask ‘How can I get a better outcome?”

Ask “What’s good about this?”

Ask “What is going to be good about this?”

Ask “How will it feel to do really well here?”

Ask “How can we really enjoy ourselves today?”

These are all examples of empowering questions, questions that your mind will find positive answers for.

Quantum Q-liminals can help here, as they have empowering questions embedded in them  to really make the mind look for the best possible answers.