The Law of attraction. How does it really work?

It starts with a desire. Many books and thousands of pages have been written on the subject, but some essential information has been left out.

If you desire things badly enough then it should pull that thing or experience into your reality.

The first missing piece that we never hear about is that you must treat the desire as a noun and not a verb or action.

For example I want to be happy eludes to the fact that you are not already happy and by getting more of what you already have you are only getting more unhappiness. But by stating that ‘I AM happiness’, you are invoking happiness as a concept and as a solid object.

Happiness then as a solid object is a finished product. There is nothing to add or take away, it just is.
Which is when the LOA works at its finest.

Wanting to be happy doesn’t make the happy a solid thing it only makes it a wish to be happy. It is connotative of the lacking that wishing is. And that is what you will attract if you wish for something. You will only ever get the ‘wanting’ of it.

Additionally the wanting of something says that it may happen in the future, yet the LOA works only if you do it in the now.

Another point is the LOA only works if your whole body believes and expects it to happen, as well as your mind. This is the bit that 90% of the information out there about LOA that is never mentioned.

When you desire something and you make an affirmation or statement about it, you can use the word ‘NOW’ in the sentence because it reinforces it. It is also a hypnotic suggestion to the unconscious that it is a truth right now.

When you get that feeling of having it now throughout your whole body, it is a feeling that you cannot fail and its a feeling that you expect it as if your order has been placed and you are waiting on the delivery. When you place an order for pizza for example, you know that it is on its way and you know to expect it soon. It will transform your whole life.

Practice some affirmations such as: ‘I now am health’, ‘I now am wealth’, ‘I am happiness now’.

I have found that a great way to do this is to ask yourself, “How good does it feel to………. (picture it and feel it happening and how it will affect your life in a wonderful way) now that I am full of health. How good does it feel now that I am happiness now? How good does it feel now that I am confident?