Who Is This Site For?

This site is for seekers; those people who are not entirely happy with their lives and are looking for something to make their lives better in some way.

Most of us look outside of ourselves for our happiness, we rely on other people, a significant other, girlfriends, wives, boyfriends, husbands, etc and ultimately we end up disappointed.

This is because happiness is our response to things, our response to our thoughts, our response to other people and their opinions, always our response. So happiness comes from within.

When you change how you respond to others and external events then you are in control.

And you are in control of your happiness. We’ve proved it by changing how people respond to events by changing the beliefs they hold inside.

So, if you really want to stop searching and want to start experiencing real happiness then have a good look around this site.



Mark has been researching behavior, the brain and the mind for over 34 years.  Mark utilizes psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in his private practice.  Mark also practices EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the newest form of tapping called CTT which is tapping for past life release, and this led him to discover better and faster ways to get results for healing the mind from emotional trauma.

Mark also has a keen interest in being healthy and living a healthy life.  Mark and Debra formed thrivingaudios as a way to bring to the world at large the breakthroughs they have been having by just listening to specially designed audios.

They have been exploring the mind in depth and found that the unconscious mind can be re-programmed very easily for better health and a better life if we only had better beliefs about ourselves.

In fact at the deepest level of the mind, the baby mind if you like they have found that speech is probably heard reversed.

Marks research regarding the brain and behavior led him to the unconscious where decisions are made before the conscious is aware of having made a decision.

The fastest way to do something or be something is to get the unconscious to get there first, and after many years of research and much trial and error Mark and Debra have found just the right way to do that fast and easily.

Quantum Q-liminals, Quantum Rapid Injections and Quantum 5 Minute Brain Boosts are the result of over 50 combined years of research.