CTT stands for Consciousness Transformation Tapping and it is a new and exciting way to permanently heal, faster than EFT or any other method we have ever used. We have used it for a couple of months and have profoundly changed who we are. Unlike EFT, PSTEC or TFT it goes many levels deeper and enables complete cures for lifelong conditions in minutes.  But the curing is done by you, we only guide you in this.  Most clearing sessions are completed in minutes.

It focuses mainly on clearing past life traumas, and before we were introduced to CTT we were of the opinion that we do not have past life traumas.  We believed past life traumas were not carried over to our new lives.  In fact it is not cleared away, we can carry trauma for many lifetimes and often do, and can carry a single trauma preventing growth through hundreds or thousands of past lives.

 It’s not just for clearing past lives though, it is also used to clear current emotional issues and to gain insights and have the law of attraction work for us as well. In fact there is no limit to it’s potential.

The main inventor of CTT, George Duisman has spent many years perfecting this rapid form of tapping and has given much of it away for free for us to use. He has trained facilitators throughout the world to enable this technique to become well-known, so we as humanity can grow and become all that we can reach our potential quickly.